uConnect Medical UHW Doctor

3 Steps for Consultations


1. Purchase Your Letter / Consultation

The first step is to purchase your letter of recommendation, this will activate the system in order to open up access to the intake form

2. Complete & Submit Intake Form

Returning patients please fill out the 'renew/return patient form link' New patiets must complete the new patient form. All patients are required to upload their ID. Process is simple, question #4 on both forms have an upload app to securely upload files. 

3. Phone Consultations, Digital Email Letter & Original Official

Once both 1 and 2 steps are completed, then depending if you are a new or returning patient with changes in your health you may get a phone call from Dr. Bradley Idelshon. 

Purchase Here

After purchase fill out intake form

After you have confirmed purchase online, please fill out this 3-5 min patient intake form on our secure server. 

Intake / Consent